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 Blignaut Family

Swellendam, Cape, South Africa



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Claasen, Anna Margaretha  Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I1762
2 Rademeyer, Aletta  1764Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I1827
3 Rademeyer, Cornelis  1766Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2046
4 Rademeyer, Isabella Elisabeth  1759Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2044
5 Rademeyer, Jacobus Coenraad  1757Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2043
6 Rademeyer, Nicolaas  1762Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2045
7 van der Wat, Hendrik  1718Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2056


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Rademeyer, Aletta  14 Oct 1764Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I1827
2 Rademeyer, Cornelis  3 Sep 1766Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2046
3 Roelofse, Margaretha  3 May 1733Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2057
4 van der Wat, Aletta Maria  15 Nov 1795Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2051
5 van der Wat, Anna Margaretha  19 Nov 1786Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2048
6 van der Wat, Christiaan  27 Mar 1800Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2053
7 van der Wat, Cornelis  23 Feb 1794Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2049
8 van der Wat, Elisabeth Hendrina Jacomina  16 Dec 1808Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2055
9 van der Wat, Hendrik  21 Aug 1718Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2056
10 van der Wat, Hendrik  8 Feb 1756Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I1807
11 van der Wat, Hendrik  28 Dec 1784Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2047
12 van der Wat, Isabella Elizabeth  10 Jun 1803Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2050
13 van der Wat, Johannes Jacobus  8 Apr 1798Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2052
14 van der Wat, Martha Johanna  21 May 1807Swellendam, Cape, South Africa I2054


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 van der Wat / Niemand  12 Dec 1717Swellendam, Cape, South Africa F1280
2 van der Wat / Rademeyer  19 May 1782Swellendam, Cape, South Africa F1140
3 van Rooyen / Myburgh  12 May 1754Swellendam, Cape, South Africa F1324