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Agter-Paarl, Kaap



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 de Villiers, Anna Margaretha (a3b12c1d11e1f11)  23 Sep 1861Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3812
2 de Villiers, Dirk Johannes (a3b12c1d11e1f10)  1 Aug 1859Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3811
3 de Villiers, Elizabeth Johanna (a3b12c1d11e1f8)  1 Jun 1854Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3809
4 de Villiers, Francina Hester (a3b12c1d11e1f3)  29 Sep 1840Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3805
5 de Villiers, François Daniël (a3b12c1d11e1f2)  14 Nov 1838Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3804
6 de Villiers, Geertruida Catharina (a3b12c1d11e1f5)  4 Jul 1844Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3807
7 de Villiers, Hester Francina (a3b12c1d11e1f6g1)  28 Jul 1871Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3786
8 de Villiers, Johanna Judith Clara (a3b12c1d11e1f4)  4 Aug 1842Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3806
9 de Villiers, Manus - Hermanus Lambertus (a3b12c1d11e1f`13)  24 Aug 1865Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3814
10 de Villiers, Maria Francina (a3b12c1d11e1f9)  25 Jul 1857Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3810
11 de Villiers, Martha Elsje Johanna (a3b12c1d11e1f12)  19 Mar 1863Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3813
12 de Villiers, Pieter Stephanus (a3b12c1d11e1f7)  2 Sep 1852Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3808
13 de Villiers, Wilhelmina Elisabeth (a3b7c17d4e5))  16 Feb 1829Agter-Paarl, Kaap I2687
14 du Toit, Maria Francina  18 Oct 1850Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3783


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Basson, Elsje Maria  7 Oct 1810Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3852
2 Beyers, Susanna Elizabeth  6 Jan 1881Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3828
3 de Villiers, Abraham Benjamin (a3b12c1d11e1f1)  2 Aug 1885Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3803
4 de Villiers, Dirk Johannes (a3b12c1d11e1f10)  9 Jan 1874Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3811
5 de Villiers, Jan Stephanus (a1b5c5d11)  15 Jan 1824Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3894
6 du Plessis, Anna Margaretha  12 Oct 1867Agter-Paarl, Kaap I3800